Self-discipline, Self-motivation, Self-determination, & TEAMWORK



J.A.B Step INC, V.X.T, & LEAP Diversify Presents..

“KINGS / QUEENS Of The Cayman” C.I.C Weekend Slam 1

We are extremely happy to be hosting the basketball kickoff weekend to the 3rd Annual Cayman Islands Classic, held at the John Gray Gymnasium (November 25-27, 2019), from 10:00am – 6:00pm. The Universities/Colleges attending this year’s event are Colorado State, George Mason, Loyola/CHI, New Mexico State, Nebraska, Old Dominion, South Florida, Washington State. There will be 12 total games during this 3 day event, with a number of additional activities & events within the venue borders. The event is family friendly and open to the public.

KotC & QotC 3 vs 3 Basketball CASH Tournament

The “Kings/Queens of the Cayman” will be an annual (48 team) 30 Kings/Teams & 18 Queens/Teams challenge for ages 18+. This 5 person roster (double elimination) cash tournament which begins at 9am Saturday November 23rd – and concludes Sunday November 24th, 2019 at 6pm. Located at- Eastern Avenue Basketball Court – Cox Basketball Court KY1-9006. The 1 full court 3 regulation outdoor hoops (3 half court total) at Cox Court/Park will host this extravagant Caribbean basketball event. Male participants are referred to as Kings and female participants are referred to as Queens. Within the venue borders we will have various adult permitted (18+) activities, including 15 sports-themed inflatable obstacles for all park/event attendees. Food, product, and service vendors will setup opposite from the parking side. This event will be open to public.


$300/ea team KINGS (5 per max)  –  $200/ea team QUEENS (5 per max)

$3,000 KINGS WINNERS                –  $2,000 QUEENS WINNER




Vacation Basketball School

Celebrating Our 11th Annual:

December Vacation Basketball School 2019
“J.A.B. Step INC DevelopMENTAL”

Back to Mentor our AWESOME Student-Athletes with

Both Programs Run: (2 Locations)

TBA (Metro Boston Area) & TBA (Greater Boston Area)

Thu 12/26/19 – Fri 12/27/19 – Mon 12/30/19 – Tue 12/31/19

(HOURS 9am- 3pm)  (8am Dropoff starts)

$80/week (Tue – Fri)

*8:00am – 8:55am (Drop-off/Registration – Loose Shoot)*

9:00am- 2:40pm (Program Runs)

2:45pm – 2:55pm (Build Up Session)

3:00pm (Parent/Guardian pickup)


Space is Limited!!! This is a 4 day enrichment clinic-program).
Upon arrival students will be grouped by age/height/experience.
Students should have gym shoes, gym shorts/sweats, and t-shirt.

Program Led by Al “Ski” McClain (NBA/ Jr. Celtics/ UNH All-Time Leading Scorer) & Kyle Morris Basketball/Life Coach (Morehouse / J.A.B Step Dir);
current-former Pro/ College/ HS basketball stars, & community partners:

J.A.B. Step will explore the sport through fun activities, instruction, & PLAY!! Student-Athlete training and development by understanding how to “Measure Your Success” with athletic lesson plans and basketball workshops run daily. A weekly recap highlights each sessions completion, while guest speakers visit to share their experiences and highlight the importance of education, dedication, fitness, & teamwork!

Boys/Girls (Grades 2-9 or Ages 7-15) 1st grade accepted upon director approval

TBA / (2 Locations)

Groups divided into 3 levels based on skill & confidence..
Beginner through Advance (Freshman, JV, Varsity)

• Basketball 101 & Advanced Training
• Dribbling / Shooting/ Passing
• Defense / Rebounding & Box-out
• Physical Fitness & Strengthening Tips
• Personal Hygiene / Motivation Building Workshops
• Teamwork / Encouragement
• Computer Edu-tainment

Special Week Price $80 or $25 daily (Optional Lunch $4/day)

For questions please email or call (617)863-6332


Download BOSTON (GRADES 2 – 9) Registration Form (SESSION A) HERE


Volunteers/Sponsors please email


“DIVAS Mentoring divas INC”

D.M.D Talent Feminar (Vacation)


DMD Application/Registration Form HERE

Program Runs:


9:00am – 3:00pm

We provide initial enrichment in group sessions, which open us to shift into visual/physical learning aimed to relieve and empower the lives of girls ages 5-17. Our Feminar’s begin with current issues such as; self-esteem, nutrition, personal development, and domestic issues. We turn our teaching into physical engagement/activity that best educates our students. Through the “Power of Art” we mentor and prepare young females to be confident leaders amidst the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Our program includes and covers the following:

Monologue – Stage Presence
Voice & Diction – Dance, Stepping, & Yoga
Improvisation – Interviewing
Runway – Public Speaking
Fashion – Wardrobe
Health & Fitness – Hairstyling & Make-Up
Poise & Photography – Feminine Hygiene
Etiquette – Self Defense with B.A.M

Program Cost:
For questions please email / or call (617)861-1256

Download DMD Application/Registration Form

Divas Registration Link: 


PLEASE Support OUR Gofundme Page:

Past Events

  • BOS, MA AAU Basketball Mentoring 1/12
  • Winter Vacation Basketball School-Camp 2/12
  • ST MNT, GA Girls Defensive Clinic 3/12
  • BOS, MA (RFK-DDAP) Hygiene Seminars 4/12
  • DEC, GA Basketball School Begins 4/12
  • Spring Vacation Basketball School-Camp 4/12
  • CLT, NC Jordan Brand Classic Youth Trip 4/12
  • CMB, MA Anti-Bully/Youth Awareness Tour 5/12
  • CMB, MA Anti-Bully/Youth Awareness Tour 6/12
  • CMB, MA CCU 4-4-4 Basketball Challenge 7/12
  • LTH, GA "H4H" Basketball Tournament 7/12
  • BOS, MA "Ball UP!" Streetball Tour/Show 7/12
  • ATL, GA "Ball UP!" Streetball Tour/Show 7/12
  • CMB, MA Reach For Peace (Youth Picnic) 7/12
  • DEC, GA FREE Haircuts-Backpacks (KIDS) 8/12
  • LTH, GA Basketball School Begins 10/12
  • Holiday Vacation Bball School-Camp 12/12
  • Winter Vacation Basketball School-Camp 2/13
  • DEC, GA Basketball School Begins 3/13
  • BKY, NY Jordan Brand Classic Youth Trip 4/13
  • Spring Vacation Bball School-DMD Camp 4/13
  • CMB, MA River Fest 4-4-4 Bball Challenge 6/13
  • CMB, MA Reach 4 Peace 2 (Youth Picnic) 6/13
  • BOS, MA FOOD/DMD Summer Program 8/13
  • BOS, MA LSBB After-School Enrichment 9/13

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