Self-discipline, Self-motivation, Self-determination, & TEAMWORK



jabstep_programs_29Academic Coaching – most students are capable of understanding the content of the courses they are taught. The difference between success and underachievement, motivation and apathy, can be attributed not to a failure of the intellect, but to a weakness in, or the complete absence of strategies. Some students seem to aquire ‘tackling their work’ strategies on their own. Study strategies such as organization, time management, note taking, expository writing, and test preparation are rarely taught by teachers, especially at the middle and high school level where teachers are content driven and normally expect students to devise their own approach to tackling the workload. Coaches help build confidence and self-reliance through the teaching and implementation of study strategies to each student’s needs and style. Students learn to work smarter, not harder. Our Academic Coaches serve as an academic trainer that will help the student develop in organizational learning.

Learning Curves – designed for the young “thinkers” of our community as a “Think Tank” where we meet and explore the minds of our youth through their ideas and concepts. It is our desire to help our youth become great thinkers and great communicators. Be that ideas for a program, software, book, song, poem, invention, business, movie, theatre, or even a policy or a new law they would like to implement, we help them organize and structure their ideas and put them down on paper.

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Self-discipline, Self-motivation, Self-determination, & TEAMWORK


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